Woody’s Woodlot

It is absolutely amazing how spending some real time in the outdoors can bring things into perspective. It is so easy to get caught up in the fast paced, aspiring, social, financial, political, technological aspects of modern life that sometimes we tend to forget that the laws and rhythms of nature pretty much remain the same…and we still are beings of nature, aren’t we? I’ve recently gotten a taste of what I now realize, like so many of us, I was slowly but surely beginning to lose contact with, my instinctual sense of being a part of nature and how much of a blessing that really is.

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When I returned to the woodlot last month, I was eager to get back…well, in the woods! I was eager to re-acquire the sense of belonging that was bestowed upon me as a young boy by not only my God given instincts, but through a few spirited introductions from close friends and family members, the wild wonders, the pace, the beauty of nature. I was eager to get back into the much slower, much more stress free and more naturally driven lifestyle. I have been so utterly blessed and am humbled by this new opportunity to return to that way of being and to actually earn my living doing so.
It has only taken a short time to realize that I have been missing, or rather neglecting and/or taking for granted– from focusing my attention on the concrete, information-driven, everyone-seems-to-be-going-somewhere-fast-in -search-of-financial-gain-and-I-have-to-try-to-keep-up-with-them-all-world–the awesome wonder, soothing relief and blessings we have in the outdoors!
It’s the sound of crickets in the night, the whistle of wild songbirds in the distance, the rustling of leaves in the warm Southern breeze, the splashing of fish, the patter of hoofs, the flapping of wings, the buzz of insects. It’s witnessing a doe lick her fawn, a spider build its web, a kite dive for insects, a turkey strut, an owl hoot, those sounds and sights of nature and what they all represent that I have always adored but that I have been missing of late.
I, like so many people, almost lost perspective, forgot that I am but an atom in a giant universe. Am I so much different from that deer, that spider, that gobbling longbeard? I think not.
It’s just a matter of slowing down and getting back in rhythm, getting back to a natural pace and realizing that we are all created by an amazing God who has an amazing natural plan for all of us.
It is amazing how spending some real time in the outdoors can bring things into perspective!

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