Volunteers unchain new project

Imagine for one moment what it would be like to live your entire life at the end of a four foot chain, deprived of human contact, standing in one spot for hours, days, months or even years. Imagine becoming entangled in that chain and not being able to reach food, water or shelter from life’s storms.
Thank goodness, we as humans do not have to endure such suffering.

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Unfortunately, there are hundreds of dogs in Tunica County that live with that reality every single day. And that reality is what inspired the volunteers of the Tunica Humane Society and employees of Harrahs Entertainment to join together to try and improved the quality of life for some of those precious animals. We are calling our community project “Freedom Fences.”
Last Saturday, Debbie Pegram along with Sarah Gates and a dozen Harrahs Heroes, constructed four new dog pens for some residents of Austin. They were able to use materials that had been donated to our shelter over the last two years.
Because of their selfless efforts, six dogs from that area are now resting comfortably in their new dog pens and enjoying the feeling of freedom for the first time in their lives. It was an extremely emotional day for the volunteers to witness the real impact of their labors as the dogs jumped and played and laid on top of their new houses.
“Freedom Fences” is going to be an ongoing project sponsored by the Tunica Humane Society.
If you are aware of any animal in Tunica County that is living in a cruel and inhumane environment, please contact the Tunica Humane Society today at 662-519-1700 or 662-363-5555.

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