Volunteers sought for MADD

Mother Against Drunk Driving is an organization of victims and non-victims determined to make a difference in the lives of those victimized by impaired driving crashes.
MADD recognizes its fundamental responsibility as giving a voice to victims/survivors who have been affected by this violent crime. In doing so, MADD acknowledges the reality of their losses and helps them in their healing process.
In the continued efforts to help with the healing process they are seeking to fill the current volunteer position in the Mississippi.

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County Monitors – Monitor local news media including newspapers and radio and television stations for information related to drunken driving crashes.  Complete Victim Services Intake Form obtaining information including location of the crash, name of offender(s) involved in the crash, name of victims/survivors of crash, and other relevant information.  Submit Victim Services Intake Form(s) to regional office in a timely manner.
Intake Specialist – The Intake Specialist screens initial contacts and provides immediate assistance or refers contacts to the Manager of Victim Services case management.  Services are delivered in person, by telephone and in writing.
Victim Advocate – Responsible for assisting victims of drunk driving and their families in identifying the appropriate resources available for crisis intervention, court accompaniment, case management, legal assistance; trauma and hospital care facilities and community law enforcement.

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