Schulz project building

Mike Young of Allen and Hoshall opened bids on water and sewer work associated with Schulz Xtruded Products LLC on April 15.The momentum behind a multi million dollar project in Tunica County continued to build at the Board of Supervisors meeting on April 15. County leaders formally hired a company for water and sewer works after opening eight bids.

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Delta Constructors of Jackson, Miss. was the low bidder for the work, estimating costs at $1,039,822.95. Board attorney Andy Dulaney recommended approval of the apparent low bidder, provided that the math “adds up.” Delta Constructors was unanimously approved.

Mike Young of Allen and Hoshall, the engineering firm who has charge over the project, read and announced all the bids. They ranged from just over $1 million to $1.6 million.

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