Snow Days in Tunica have a certain magic

As I watch the snow falling from the sky, I am wishing I was back in Tunica again.
There was and still is no better place to experience a beautiful white blanket of snow, especially if it happened to be a school day. No warnings that we were going to have a free, get out of school day – we just woke up and knew if the ground was covered by that white stuff, we were headed to the levee.
We used different apparatuses to accomplish descending down the hill. There were pieces of cardboard, sleds, coca-cola signs and even water skies with the rudders removed. Flying down the hill at the levee was much more fun that any ski slopes at Vail. Mom always made sure there was plenty of hot steamy cocoa to go around in that stainless steel thermos with red plaid print on the outside. It was a time that the whole community came together, which is still a tradition.

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My dad worked at the Tunica Motor Co., and that was a fringe benefit when snow days came. We would find a damaged car hood from the body shop, hook it with chains to the back of the Ford Motor Co. truck, and my brother Harry was the conductor at the wheel. He would drag us all over town, up and down School Street, ‘til the friction would rub a hole in it. But that didn’t stop the fun – we would just go get another one.  The gears in the truck managed to hang up sometimes and he just continued on in first gear.  It was better than any thrill ride or roller coaster ever designed.
This would probably warrant child endangerment this day in time; you can only imagine what could have happened. Luckily, no one was ever hurt except for a few bruises or skinned marks when we would go into orbit and fly off into a ditch…that was the fun part. Harry would always come back for us.
After all day of building snowmen, snowball fights, chapped lips and wind burned faces we would call it a day, and come in and hang our wet snow clothes on the wood rack that was placed over the furnace to dry them out.
Mom usually had a pot of homemade soup and some of the best darn cornbread you ever put in your mouth, crumbled over the soup…yum. Then there was snow ice cream made with evaporated milk and a touch of vanilla to top off the evening.
Snow days will forever be some of the best times of my life.Something about snow brings out the wonder and excitement of a child in all of us.
Yes, a snowfall in Tunica was a magical, memorable, miraculous eighth wonder of the world.
Patricia Ferguson

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