Of one accord

I felt as though we were in the Bible days on the Day of Pentecost when everyone was on one accord! The whole town of Tunica came out together and what is a normally divided town, we demonstrated, in spite of our differeces, we can be of one accord. It was expressed in a mighty way when our beloved Brandon came home for good. My much-loved town of Tunica came our and stood side by side and sadly but proudly welcomed our courageous soldier back home.

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William Brandon Dawson was only 19 years old when he completed the high school requirements to graduate from Rosa Fort. He decided to join the Army, which meant to serve his country, be it life or death. Brandon gave the ultimate sacrifice.
Brandon made 20 years old a few weeks prior to his death. The Lord said, “Come home, my chilc.” The years to God do not matter. Jesus just called and when He is ready, no one can stop it and no one can do anything about it. That is a fact.
There is one thing that I am sure of, and (that is) Jesus is coing back for all of us. More importantly, it is up to us to prepare ourselves so we can go back with Him when He comes!
PFC William Brandon Dawson has already paid the definitive price of death. It is the same that we all have to do Jesus is the answer for eternal life. To know God means that the devil will attack on every hand. The devil does not want anyone to go to Heaven, because he was there at one time and was kicked out because of disobedience and defiance to God’s authority! Now he does not want anyone to enjoy the beauty of Heaven.
God allowed Brandon to be a huge part of the Williams and Dawson families, as well as beyond kin connection. We thank God that we all came together on one accord with arms wide open for our fallen soldier, PFC William Brandon Dawson.
We sincerely thank you, Town of Tunica, and we are forever grateful for your love and support. Mere words simply cannot express how much we miss you, Brandon.
Florene Brown (Aunt Flo)

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