NWCC gives Hope

Students enrolled in the Northwest Mississippi Community College systems analysis and design course in the Computer Information Systems Technology program have been working hard this semester to make Hope Ministries, Inc.’s routine paperwork processes more efficient by updating their forms.

The students presented their prototypes on Dec. 6 to members of Hope—a non-profit, non-denominational organization responsible for helping people of Tate County in need of food, clothing or housing since 1982.

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Through the systems and design course, students study how Information Technology departments work with users to fulfill their unique IT needs. Wanting to give the students a real-world experience, instructor Signy Givens contacted Hope Ministries Director, Betty Brown, to see what IT needs her organization might have.
After meeting with Brown, the class analyzed the organization’s processes and redesigned their form bank to better meet their needs. “We created a CD for them with all of their forms on it, so they can easily reprint what they need,” said Givens. “We even added a logo to give the forms a professional look. We worked out how to make it into a computerized system, but that was beyond the need of what Hope was looking for at the present.”
While the students gained professional experience to add to their resumes, they also provided a valuable service to an organization that could not have afforded to contract the service from IT professionals.

“We all enjoyed working on the project because we knew they needed our help, and it is an organization that we were all impressed with. The students were glad to be helping,” said Givens.

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