NOTICE TO BIDDERS (Box Culverts, Paint Striping)


PURSUANT to the Order of the Board of Supervisors of Tunica County, Mississippi, notice is hereby given that said Board will receive sealed bids until 9:00 o’clock a.m., Tuesday, February 15, 2011 for the purchasing of supplies and materials for the operation, maintenance, repairing, and construction of roads and bridges of said county for a period of one (1) year, beginning with the date of acceptance of bids in such quantities as may be ordered by the Board during said period, such supplies and materials are specifically listed and specified on lists thereof approved by said Board and on file with the undersigned Clerk of the Board of Supervisors and the County Road Manager, but are generally described as follows:

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Item 1 ……………… Box Culverts
Item 4 ……………… Paint Striping
Specifications and bid forms for each item may be obtained from the undersigned or the Central Road Department of the County and each bid shall be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Bid for Item ____”. Where required by law, each bid shall show the registration of license number of the Bidder and the submission of the bid shall constitute a representation that the bid does not exceed the price permitted by law, and that the materials offered meet the specifications of the Board. All bids shall be submitted F.O.B. Tunica County Central Road Headquarters, unless otherwise noted in the specifications for a particular item. The Board reserves the right to refuse to consider any bid which does not comply with the foregoing provisions contained within the individual specifications.
This the 14th day of January, 2011
Susie White
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

Thus ordered, this the 14th day of January, 2011
William Pegram,
President of the Board of Supervisors

1/21, 1/28, 308

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