Mighty Lions blow out West Tally

The Rosa Fort High School Lions played a remarkable game last Friday night against the Choctaws of West Tallahatchie.
The teams hit the field at 7:30 p.m., with the new spread offense and attacking defense overpowering the Choctaws in almost every phase of the game.
Rosa Fort High School Senior quarterback Bernardrick McKinney had a stellar night, passing for an early 6-0 lead.

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After West Tally was forced to punt, the Lions were on the move again with an impressive five play, 70 yard drive ending in an 11-yard touchdown run by senior back Patrick Durr. The successful 2-point conversion extended the Lions’ lead to 14-0 at the end of the first quarter.
In the second quarter, the Choctaws took the kick-off to the Lion 34 yard line and went into the end zone for six to bring the score to 14-6.
The Lions came right back with an 8 play, 80 yard drive that ended with a 46-yard TD strike from McKinney to Rodney McKay, to put the Lions up 20-6.
Rosa Fort built on their lead with a 20-yard TD run by Darrius Guy, capping off a 63 yard drive. Guy added the two point conversion.
Durr made the only score of the second half on the opening kick-off, when he took the ball at the 25 yard line, cut through the left side line, and went on to claim 75 yards for the TD.
In the final quarter, the second team held the Choctaws to give the Lions the win.
The final score was 38-6, a total blowout for the home team.
Editor’s Note: Joseph Dawson, a senior student at Rosa Fort High School, will cover 2010-2011 Lions sports for The Tunica Times.
Welcome, Joseph!

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