MDA focuses on new, existing entrepreneurs

The Mississippi Development Authority wants you!
Until Dec. 17, MDA is seeking new and existing entrepreneurs for a pilot program. The program was created to “assess the needs of potential and existing entrepreneurs in Mississippi and offer workable solutions to those needs. Specifically, this program will offer each participant an opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge from skill facilitators in several areas critical to creating a successful business.”

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The nine month pilot training program will provide free in-depth business-related training to individuals in 19 counties in the Delta, Northeast Mississippi, and Southwest Mississippi.  The MS Delta counties include Holmes, Yazoo, Humphreys, Sunflower, Coahoma, Quitman, and Tunica.
Participants will be asked to attend classes once a month for nine months. The sessions will be held in a classroom setting in the area and internet training will also be used. Attendees will learn about: potential for business success, location and leasing, e-commerce, government contracting, licensing and permits, minority/woman business, marketing, insurance, financing a business and more.
MDA will provide materials and a coach for every participant. At the end of the session, course graduates will be entitled to additional services available through the Entrepreneur Center. Participants will in turn be asked to attend all sessions, complete homework assignments, write a business plans and assist MDA “in tracking the growth of your company by completing annual surveys for up to five years.”
Applications for the program are available at the Tunica Chamber of Commerce or by calling the Entrepreneur Center at the Mississippi Development Authority at 601-359-3593.

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