Tunica Times Gold and White Ball

Local page escorts, pages spotlighted

The Southern Debutante Assembly honored the pages and page escorts participating in the Presentation and White and Gold Ball with a holiday party after the rehearsal on Dec. 28.
Given by four pages and 10 page escorts, the party was held at the American Legion Hut on East Claiborne Street in Greenwood.

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Hosting the event were pages Eliza Taylor Barrow of Tupelo; Mary Frances Basinger and Rachel Kathryn Braswell, both of Grenada; Mary Carlisle Causey of Jackson; and Anne Holloway Somerville of Birmingham, Ala.; and page escorts William Dent Brock of Greenwood; William Joseph Bush Jr. of Hernando; Raines Clanton Cook of Greenwood; Anthony Neal Creasy Jr. of Lynchburg, Va.; Cooper Lee Dunn of Greenwood; Gregory Marshall Geier of Madisonville, La.; Thomas Hood Perry and David Chapman Shipp, both of Tunica; Robert Buehler Townes of Decatur, Ga.; and Richard Evans Bratton Turnipseed of Sumner.
The party was a “black light rave,” and many of the participants dressed in bright neon highlighter colors in recognition of the theme.
The pages and page escorts danced to the music of DJ David Hicks, and light appetizers were served. Each guest received a glowstick necklace and a pair of sunglasses as mementos of the occasion.
Parent hosts for the evening were Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Wyatt Barrow III, Dr. and Mrs. David Ray Basinger, Dr. and Mrs. David Ray Braswell, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kendall Causey Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John Quincey Somerville, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Donald Brock Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph Bush, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Clanton Cook Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Verbeke Richards, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Earnest Dunn Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gregory Geier, Mr. and Mrs. George Pace Perry Jr., Mr. and Mrs. David Ervin Shipp, Mr. Robert Burwell Townes IV and the Reverend Lynnsay Anne Buehler and Mrs. Mitchener Turnipseed.

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