Is it political or representational?

Recently the Transparency Committee asked for and received a list of all of the Boards of Directors that are appointed by our Board of Supervisors along with the members thereof.
What we found was not what we expected. 

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What we wanted to know was who represented each Beat on the various Boards.  What we found was these appointments appear to be political and not representational.  This is to say there are too many appointees from one Beat (Beat 5) and we didn’t see any representation from Beat 3.  Isn’t this interesting?
When we asked about this at this morning’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting, the Supervisor from Beat 3 said they didn’t have to appoint from their own Beat.  What?  Do you mean to say there isn’t anyone within your Beat you would appoint to each of these Boards?  Hello…the residents of Beat 3 put you in office so represent them.
Barbara Tuchel
Tunicans for Transparency in Government

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