Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Junior Ray’s thoughts on ‘gubmunt’ jobs

My ol’ buddy Voyd said I ought not to write this letter to the newspaper ‘cause I am not real, and told him that was a lie and that I am just as real as he is! Anyway, this is what I’ve got to say. It’s about Mr. Wyatt Emmerich’s “Guest Column” in the Tunica Times on November the twenty-fifth.
One thing that hooked my eyeball was where Mr. Emmerich flat out declared “government jobs are created at the point of a sword.” Then he went on to make the claim that “Those jobs are created by taking money from me and other taxpayers so someone without marketable skills can be paid.” Uh oh, I said, did I read that right? Does Mr. Emmerich mean government jobs like the ones held by the nice folks over at the FSA? And at The Courthouse?
As you know I am a semI-retired law-enforcement “gubmunt” professional, so I felt I had to put some thought on all this, which, as you further know, is sumpm I prefer not to do. Never-the-datgum-less, I ast myse’f was Mr. Emmerich refer’n to the game warden and the highway patrolman? Was he talkin about the sheriff and nem?
All of a sudden, kablam, there I am thinkin about the teachers in the public schools and, by dangit, even some of them prissy-footed p’fessors over at the University. And what about the county agent? And the presi-dent of Cow College?! Maybe they don’t have no farmers where Mr. Emmerich is from. Or he wouldna said what he said. I normally hesitate to go big but if I wanted to I could even bring up . . . the Liberry of Congress. I wouldn’t want to be without that nor none of them other things.
Plus -- and this done it -- what about Haley! He didn’t get his job from no point of a sword. And when it comes to “marketable skills,” I am sure he’s got almost as many as a Mexican.
Thankew. That’s it. For right now, anyway.
Yours truly,
Junior Ray Loveblood

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