Help us refresh Tunica

The Tunica Humane Society is in the running for a $50,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project. This grant would literally change our world at the shelter. But it’s going to take everyone staying motivated to vote every day in July.
Sunday morning we were ranked #48 out of over 300 ideas in the $50,000 category.  But Monday we slipped back to #52, I am sure because people were busy with the holiday and didn’t vote. 

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We must be in the top ten at the end of July to have our idea funded.
We have tried to make it easy for everyone to vote by putting a direct link on our website.  Go to and then click on the Pepsi Refresh Project link.  That takes you directly to our idea on the Pepsi website.
The first time you vote it will require you to log in with Pepsi, but after that you can vote in a few seconds by entering your email.
Please network with your friends and family outside Tunica and ask them to vote for our idea. We can win this with your help!
Sandy Williams, THS Executive Director

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