Help sought for Yazoo producers

Mississippi Farm Bureau® Federation has established a 501(c) foundation for the purpose of assisting to restore ag producers who were disaster victims during the Katrina years.  Now, it is seeking support for farmers hit by the tornado in Yazoo City.

This foundation is soliciting funds from those people who want to help producers who have had their businesses and equipment destroyed as the result of the tornado that passed through Mississippi two weeks ago.
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The damages are enormous to the farm community and will certainly impact the ability of individual producers to remain in business.  The monies that are collected are tax deductible, and 100 percent of the collections will be given to producers who have had their livelihood uprooted and are struggling to stay in business.
The farm community is most appreciative of the public support it receives in times of disaster.  Remember that all donations are 100 percent tax deductible and every dollar collected will go to a victim of this past week’s tornado.
Mail your donations to: MFB Foundation and Relief Fund, Attention: Billy Davis, P. O. Box 1972, Jackson, MS  39215.

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