DSU explores Forgotten Delta

Delta State University and the Coahoma County Higher Education Center (CCHEC) will offer a geographical exploration of the Mississippi Delta course entitled “Vanished Worlds? An Exploration of the Forgotten Delta,” for the spring semester.

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Led by Dr. Mark Bonta, associate professor of geography at Delta State, the “Forgotten Delta” course will send explorers into the largely overlooked, forgotten, or ignored corners of this extraordinary region. Focus points will be on the more obscure episodes of the Mississippi Delta dating all the way from the early 1500’s to mid 1900’s.
This 3 hour credit course will include Saturday lectures, seven fieldtrips throughout the semester, readings, and online assignments. All lectures and fieldtrips will begin at the Coahoma County Higher Education Center in Clarksdale.
The fieldtrips, starting on Feb. 5, are open to the public for CEU credit or simply to enjoy a great learning experience. Cost of the field trips are $35 per trip or you may attend all seven trips for $200.
To receive a complete list of field trips or to register, please contact Elizabeth Joel in the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies at 662-846-4871 or e-mail ejoel@deltastate.edu.

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