Dinner’s served at the school board?

Last week, the School Board and Rosa Fort principal Stan Collins met for a hearing to discuss Collins’ termination from the local school system. Our account gives me a pretty good idea of what happened and all I can say is thank you Board of Education for never allowing there to be a dull moment.
I’ve received several phone calls and emails about this in the days following, although I didn’t actually write the story. You all must know how this subject is near and dear to my heart.

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One of the emails I received made reference to the school board ordering supper for themselves during the hearing. This individual heard they all enjoyed a steak dinner and wondered who exactly was paying for that.
Who exactly indeed?
That led me to dig through the last round of claims that I requested from Tunica County Schools. I found several mentions of invoices from area restaurants and trust me, this wasn’t for a coke and some fries.
Now, I don’t begrudge anyone a meal. You got to eat to live and I respect that. I do have two plaguing questions about this though. Why couldn’t the board wait a few more minutes and wait to eat when they got home? The meeting was over by 6:30 or 6:45 and while a 7 p.m. supper is a bit late, it’s not outside of the dinner time limits. I go to after hours events sometimes and I don’t make it a habit to eat while I’m working.
My other question is why does the board feel entitled to eat and eat well ON THE TAXPAYERS’ TAB? In times when gaming revenue is down and the local financial situation is so uncertain, these free meals ought to be the first thing to go. Honestly, I don’t know of any other board in this county who has meals at their business meetings!  I’ve never heard of Breakfast with the Board of Supervisors or snacktime with the Board of Alderman. If they have it, I’ve missed it!
In thinking all of this over, I’m certainly angry, but really, it just makes me sad. I’ve often wondered if the individuals who have authority over our educational system (or in essence, our future) really cared about education or whether they were in it for glory, power, greed and all the other ugly things out there.
When things like this pop up, the answer becomes abundantly clear to me. Learning is the last thing on their minds!

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