Days of Old America gone forever?

Every time I go to the store to buy something, I always look to see where it was made. Very seldom these days can you find an item that proudly displays that ol’ tried and true – “Made in the USA.”
One of the worst things is that it seems like we just don’t make anything any more. I’m beginning to wonder what we have done wrong. What’s happening?  
I want my old America back. You know the one I’m talking about – the one that used to proudly manufacture good, solid goods of all types and descriptions.  
I don’t want to see “Made in China” on nearly everything. I don’t want to see “Made in India” on things that the stores offer us these days. I hated it when I saw “Assembled in Mexico” on my Chevrolet a few years ago. What’s that supposed to mean? Assembled? That sounds like “Made in Mexico” to me. Somebody gave me a shirt that says “Made in Vietnam.” Say what? Didn’t we have a war with them a few years back?

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I want my old America back.
I bought a spark plug recently for my lawnmower. The name of the plug is Autolite, a familiar name in the spark plug business, an old-line company and a reputable company. Just out of curiosity, I looked on the little box it came in and there just as big as you please was “Made in China.”
I don’t like that. I’m not so sure those people know how to make a good spark plug. We were making spark plugs back when they were riding in rickshaws. They may still be riding in rickshaws as far as I know.
I want my old America back.
I don’t know about you, but I would be willing to pay a little more for an item if I knew it was made in the good ol’ USA by American workers. I believe American standards (of manufacture) are better. I believe the quality is better, not made cheap and painted with the wrong kind of paint. I believe that American goods are properly tested, not so full of flaws and poor workmanship.
I don’t know how you feel, but I want my old America back.
I was told by someone that they saw ground meat in a local supermarket that said that the country of origin was Mexico. I’m going to check that out for myself, but I can tell you right now, I want my meat to come from cows grown in this country and sold under our regulations. By the way, it’s true. I went and looked.
I know that trade between countries is a fact of life, but I still don’t understand why we can’t make a lot of these things here in this country and put some of our own people to work. Whole industries have been shipped overseas and I’m not sure if they’re ever coming back.
When I first came to Greenville, there was a nice Schwinn bicycle factory here, the last one in the United States. When their tax exemption expired, they split for Taiwan, gone forever.
I want my old America back.
We make no television sets, virtually no clothing or shoes. We don’t even make our own baseball caps. We make virtually no sporting goods or fishing gear.  These are just some examples. You know what I’m saying. Everything you pick up is made somewhere else. I really don’t like it. I don’t even like the word “outsourced” anymore.
I want my old America back.
Is anybody out there listening? What can a guy like me do? Let’s quit sending our jobs overseas. Let’s make it here and keep our jobs at home.
We’ve even sent our cotton industry overseas. When you’re from Mississippi, how sad and pitiful is that? Cotton was the backbone of the Delta at one time, but not anymore.
I want American made. I trust American made. I believe in American made. I want American food and fiber, not from some distant land.
When July 4th gets here, get your Chinese made American flag out and fly it. It’s a symbol, you know – a symbol that (ironically) represents what used to be (made in USA) and what is today (made in China). I just want my old America back, but it may be gone – gone overseas.
Woe is me.
Harry Boschert is Kathleen Gann’s brother-in-law.

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