Cookin with The Columns: Start a new holiday tradition

Christmas means different foods to different people.  At Thanksgiving, it’s all about turkey.  {paypalaccess}Read more{/paypalaccess} But at Christmas everyone seems to have different things they like to eat.  My grandmother always had ham, the best candied sweet potatoes in the world, jam cake, and boiled custard, among many other things.  So all of those things […]

Southern Gardening: Poinsettias offer color and variety

With their brightly colored bracts full of holiday cheer, poinsettias are truly the quintessential Christmas plant.The range of available poinsettia colors is truly phenomenal. Red, white, pink, maroon, speckled and marbled are just the tip of the iceberg. Recently, you may have noticed orange and even blue poinsettias with sparkles. Growers use plant dyes to […]