Breaking news: Officials investigating shooting

A former fish and wildlife officer is in custody following the death of his wife last evening (June 2).
Sylvester Johnson, 51, of Tunica was arrested by law enforcement officials shortly after 9 p.m. last night. He remains in custody pending an initial appearance, at which time charges will be brought.
Chief Deputy Randy Stewart of the Tunica County Sheriff’s Department said the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations is now handling the case, but two deputies with the SO were initially summoned to the scene at 1075 Terrell last evening.

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Within two minutes of receiving an 911 call, officers determined that a shooting had occurred at the residence, located off of Dulaney Road near Prichard. Emergency personnel were also called to the home and at least one officer with the Department of Public Safety was on hand.
Stewart said a female, identified as Rhonda Layton Johnson, was pronounced dead at the scene. Johnson, 47, was employed with the Transportation Security Administration at the Tunica Airport. At least one child was at home at the time of the incident.
Stewart said once it was determined that Mr. Johnson was involved in the death, Sheriff K.C. Hamp called for assistance from the MBI. Stewart said MBI officers began processing the crime scene last night and will conduct the investigation from this point forward.
Johnson will likely appear in justice court today.

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