Board opts to reopen town Visitor’s Center


Following a conversation with Tunica Museum Director Dick Taylor, Mayor Chuck Cariker presented three options for the Tate Log Cabin at the Board of Aldermen meeting on April 20. The cabin has served as a visitor’s information center for the town of Tunica.

Cariker said the Board of Aldermen could keep the cabin closed, work with the museum to convert it into a static display or staff three part time employees to keep it open.

Alderman Jack Graves said he was in favor of that request.

“We made the investment to move it here several years ago, and I think we should step up to the plate and do this for them,” Graves said.

Alderman Edward Hunsucker asked what the Museum Board of Directors was recommending. Cariker said they had requested the board consider staffing it and keeping it open, but the employees would have certain responsibilities including light cleaning duties.

Alderman Charley Knabb asked if the employees would report to the town or the museum. Cariker said they would be under the town’s umbrella and proposed that they work 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

The board unananimously approved the motion to open the Log Cabin and staff it.

They also received a report on a potential business in the downtown area.

On April 19, the town planning commission learned that an adult day care is being planned for 1530 Edwards Avenue. Eugene Redmond plans to operate the business, after working at his mother’s business in Cleveland, Miss.

Graves, who attends the planning commission meetings as the town’s liasion, said commissioners felt there was a need for this type of business and no one had any concerns.

Hunsucker asked if the facility would be open to mentally and physically challenged adults as well.

Redmond said it would be open to all adults and that precautions would be taken to ensure safety for adults with special needs.

Alderman Eloise Carson said she thought adult day cares were a thing of the future and could be a plus for Tunica.

Tunica Main Street director Lynn Ryals asked Redmond if the facility would employee trained professionals, such as nurses.

Redmond said he would definitely need social workers and hoped to work with local clinics to offer a variety of medical services to his clients.

Cariker said the business would meet the town’s zoning ordinances.

No board action was required.

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