Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Editorial:Shelter deserves more funds, not less

If you believe that God created the earth and everything in it (Gen.1), then you also know that He gave man “dominion” over the earth and its creatures. According to the dictionary, dominion means “rule, control, say, influence.” But God doesn’t stop there: throughout the Old and New Testaments, He gives us beautiful pictures of how we – man– are to exercise this authority. The metaphor of the shepherd is especially instructive (Psalm 23): the shepherd fulfills our wants, he leads us to safe shelter, he provides water and sustenance, he protects us against predators, he stays with us even unto the end of our days. Later, we learn that the shepherd lays down his life for his sheep (Is. 40:11) and that he seeks after the lost sheep (Mat. 12:11). Of course, this is one way that God portrays the love and mercy of Jesus. But He used this picture for a reason. People in Bible times understood how important the shepherd was to the flock and their own well-being and how the shepherd shows us – perfectly – what kind of masters of the earth and its creatures God wants us to be.
Since the creation, some of these creatures of the earth have come to develop special relationships with man. We call them domesticated. These animals – sheep, cows, horses, goats, cats, dogs, camels, llamas and others – allow man to tame them. They are unlike tigers, bears, and what we call “wild” animals in that we can get close to them, train them to help us, use their wool and milk. In other words, they come to trust us and then to depend on us to provide shelter, food, water, and protection for them.
And of all the domestic animals, the dog is unique: he does all the things above, plus one more: he comes to love us. He not only wants our provision for him, but he also wants to be close to us and get and give affection. That unique quality is what inspires the fierce loyalty toward dogs – and towards those like the volunteers of the Tunica Humane Society who go above and beyond to help them – that we have seen in evidence through their concern, their letters, their emails, their phone calls, their news coverage, and yes, even their harsh words toward those who don’t share their love and loyalty.
The Tunica Humane Society is not seeking more funding, they are pleading with the county to continue the same level of funding they received in the last budget year. They are providing a valuable service to this county, whether or not they are recognized and appreciated for it. We can all look to this volunteer organization as an example of what we ALL should be doing: loving and providing for those who are in our care – whether our spouses, our children, our employees, our closest friends, and widows and orphans (that is, the most helpless of our society)... just as the shepherd would, just as Jesus did for us.
- Brooks Taylor

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