2011 spells elections

I just read a column about writing a column and well, it inspired me.
It’s been a long time so I felt like I had something to say maybe because it’s easy to get caught in the motions of monotony. Have you ever seen Fiddler on the Roof? For the last few months, my life has had “Sunrise, Sunset” playing in the back ground. There have been some magical moments. When you have two children under the age of five, there is always a certain amount of magic. So, I can’t complain there.
Professionally, it’s been hard to enjoy the magic. I’ve taken on some additional responsibilities which has put me back out there reporting on sports, the streets, etc. Due to the volume of writing, I haven’t really had a chance to really sit back and write something just for the fun of it. So, here I am.
For the last couple of weeks, the minor buzz around here has been the 2011 elections. There is always something exciting about elections. The promises, the changes possible, the thrill of competition. I confess, I love an election year!
This year, the county’s elected positions are up for grabs. That means this year, voters will choose a superintendent of schools, the board of supervisors, the chancery clerk, tax assessor, circuit clerk, judges, constables and maybe even a school board member or two.
What makes this year particularly interesting for us is that the current superintendent of schools has announced his retirement. Several candidates have qualified and the talk his begun. I think we all know that if we want to grow as a community, the schools have got to improve. Not to be cliche, but  they are the foundation for the future. Economic development by leaps and bounds is great, but the fact remains that people with families will look elsewhere for a place to live until our public school system is better. I hope voters will listen to what each and every candidate has to say and will ask them questions. Find out how they plan to make this school system improve and vote for the person with the best plan. Then, hold that person to their word. If someone promises us the sun, moon and stars, they best be able to deliver.
Yet, another interesting twist in this upcoming election will be the redistricting process. The timing of the census data and the necessary hoops to change voting districts mandated by the Justice Department have made it nearly impossible to make all the deadlines for district lines to be revamped. The Board of Supervisors has opted to use current lines for this year’s election. That’s a smart decision. Change takes time and there are a lot of factors that go into deciding how to portion out the pie.
With all this ahead, I know 2011 is going to be an interesting year. I am excited to see what’s in store and hope my pen will be a little more cooperative in the days, weeks and months forward.

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